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Customer Relationship Management in the Logistics and Transport Business

Customer Relationship Management in the Logistics and Transport Business

Clients in the logistics and transportation industries can be very discriminating. They are choosy when it comes to providers of logistics services. This is understandable. Logistics is transactional. Yet, relationships are also important.

Consistent Service

Customers don’t just look for low fees and prompt delivery. They’re more concerned with the quality of relations. Given this scenario, you will really need a good CRM for logistics. A robust system helps providers to consolidate data. It gives providers a collective workspace to efficiently operate. The outcome bodes well for their business. However, proper forecasting becomes necessary to keep them on target at all times.

Quality and Quantity

Sales teams in the logistics industry do plenty of cold calls. In cold-calling, they must focus on both quantity and quality. The downside of making numerous cold calls is it can turn out as repetitive. This is when quantity is compromised. Using a CRM for logistics industry helps the team to easily monitor calls and outcomes. Documenting said calls facilitates opportunities for preparation which addresses this issue.

As a result, the reporting process allows you to find out if you effectively spend time in prospecting. Calls that generate unqualified leads means one thing. The problem is how to communicate value? Therefore, you should listen carefully to these calls. Identify the needed changes so cold calling will become more effective. You may need to formulate other strategies. Be innovative and influence the entire team to expand your capabilities.

Added Productivity

Putting the CRM for logistics industry into use enables service providers to build various workflows for concerned departments. Therefore, you can do away with manual reporting and proposals with automation. The CRM software helps you organize tasks, combine different areas, and monitor everything from a single dashboard. In short, you are able to manage competing costs and delivery options.

Analytics and Quotations

The CRM platform assists logistics firms in monitoring marketing and sales efforts. Essentially, analytics will help you better understand the behavior and needs of clients while effectively managing your time. At the same time, the logistics crm leads to proper management and analysis of quotations. These are based on factors like transport mode and type of transit.

Order Supervision and Updates

Last but not least CRM apps allow service providers in data collection, making quotes, and conversion of orders. Likewise, the software is capable of regularly updating client information as well as processing purchases. Hence, you can properly ship freight and deliver commodities punctually. The customized system can integrate with trackers and electronic databases. In the end, you can track the location and status of the cargo from your facility.

Advice in Getting the Right CRM

DataBox Solutions knows the specific requirements of this industry. There are various features and configurations available. This makes it quite hard to find a CRM for logistics industry that perfectly matches your needs. As a rule, here are some features that matter most to logistics service providers.

  • Automated real-time reports
  • 360 view of all leads and data
  • Quote analysis for air, land, and sea including import and export
  • Reporting based on points of origin and destination
  • Systematize business procedures through formulation of workflows
  • Integrated database that can be accessed remotely 24/7
  • Time and inquiry administration

If possible, the CRM platform must have the tool for computation of ROI. This helps users determine and analyze the required improvements for all areas. In summing up, the CRM must meet the requirements of your company. This leads to easier migration to other platforms to enhance your organization’s performance and efficiency.

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