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Inventory Management Development

Databox Solutions offers high-quality inventory management applications for small and medium enterprises as well as big corporations in different industries.
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Developing business organizations need an effective inventory management system as market competition grows stronger and demands ever increase. With a systematic inventory management platform, the organization is enabled to efficiently source, store, and sell raw materials as well as finished products. In business parlance, inventory management refers to the right stocks at the correct levels and right price. An inventory management system includes processes starting with production or manufacturing, warehousing or storage, shipping, and other aspects.

Vital Need for an Inventory System

Companies that handle and manage stocks require inventory management development services. Databox Solutions has the capability to provide this essential service. This is what business owners need to know. All enterprises dealing with stocks must have a system for accurately tracking and controlling these goods. Otherwise, it can happen that you will encounter situations where you have a surplus or inadequate stocks that ruin your bottom line. An inventory system informs you of the parts or ingredients required in producing or assembling the final product. Without such information, ending up with extra stock can erode.
inventry management
inventry management

Know the Benefits

A seamless inventory management system software helps companies in the following areas:
  • Systematic planning for product and stock management.
  • Consolidated Storage.
  • Monitor stock quantity for orders and reorders.
  • Increased sales and output
  • Organized stock control
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Inventory Software Solution

Databox Solutions offers high-quality inventory management applications for small and medium enterprises as well as big corporations in different industries. We know that companies mainly depend on everyday inventory management operations. Hence, we recommend custom-made and scalable software to serve the requirements of various markets and industries. Our inventory management system software will let you manage and monitor both online and offline orders. It allows tracking of stock status on a daily basis and overseeing warehouse transfers.
inventry management
Unique features of our inventory management application include:
  • Tracking of multiple serial numbers which are then permanently recorded into the inventory management system from the time of receipt until the time of issuance or release.
  • Listing of merchandise details like descriptions, availability, and costs.
  • Tracking of goods stored in the client’s warehouse or establishment through radio frequency identification (RFI), barcode, serial number, or lot number.
  • List of items with corresponding quantities for storage.
  • Accounting platform allowing the user to conduct the accurate evaluation of stocks for production. These are inventory layer costing. Measurement, overhead allocation or apportioning indirect costs to manufactured goods, and disclosure for inventories.
  • Multiple location support for companies with two or several warehouses as their storage facilities.
  • Automatic system for re-ordering that automatically generates purchase orders enabling clients to stay on top of their inventory all the time.
  • Tracking of shelf and bin that assist inventory managers to identify the exact location of a specific commodity in the warehouse immediately.
  • Inventory alerts can be sent to concerned employees/departments through SMS and E-mail especially when inventory levels drop below the prescribed point.
  • Integration of the inventory management system with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or any relevant maintenance software will help save time because it eliminates the need for re-entry of data in separate programs.
  • Real-time tracking of stocks or inventory between warehouses.
  • Forecasting of stocks allowing production and inventory managers to determine the right amount of goods in their inventory.
  • Scanning of product barcodes using smartphones eliminating the need to purchase costly hardware.

Industries That We Assist

Databox Solutions. can provide Inventory Management Development to companies under the following industries:

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