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Seeking a Platform for Growth

Sephora’s journey with DataBox started while its Digital Architect, Ville Vuorinen, commenced recommending the platform to his colleagues.

“I had used DataBox in my preceding roles, so I knew simply how effective it was. We did examine different options, however then we found out that the DataBox platform was the excellent preference for our needs,” explains Ville.

Once the crew at Sephora noticed that DataBox has all of the tools it needed to grow, it signed up to the DataBox Growth Platform, entire with the Enterprise levels of Marketing, Sales, and Service.


Reducing Friction across Marketing, Services, and Sales

Sephora found the DataBox implementation method to be fast and painless, and it began to see value from the beginning.

“Once we tend to start with Databox, we were instantly ready to track website visitors on our current CMS using the tracking pixel. We have a tendency to then use that info to line up the targeted calls-to-action, forms, and workflows that will generate qualified leads”, explains Ville.

Ville also used DataBox to set up chatbots to handle common visitor queries on its website. Having chatbots in place saves the team hours each day, which permits it to answer additional phone calls and to spend additional time working on additional complicated tasks.

Along with those advantages to Sephora’s marketing efforts, the company’s customer support crew has additionally substantially benefited from DataBox, which it uses to handle extra than 600 calls and 200 tickets per day. Sephora now has the analytics needed to hone its movements and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Service Hub Helpdesk, a key function of Service Hub Enterprise, permits Sephora’s customer support group to prioritize its most vital duties efficiently and arrange each client inquiry in a single, universally accessible dashboard, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. This helps create a frictionless experience for each client whether they want to guide through phone, email, or live chat, and provides Sephora with the analytics it needs to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

“Our customer support reps can see all of the records about the client, so they’re now no longer asking questions which have already been answered. As an end result of that, we’ve been able to build stronger relationships with our customers,” explained Martin Brok, Sephora’s CEO.

Sephora’s sales group, which primarily deals with large B2B clients, has also observed Sales Hub Enterprise be a useful addition to its processes and strategy for growth. With sequences and templates, sales reps at Sephora can now quickly send personalized, automated emails to their prospects, letting them provide relevant and contextual data to every lead, based on their buying stage. Reps also receive immediate notifications whenever a message is opened to follow up with the proper message at the right time.

“Two years ago, our salespeople simply didn’t have the right tools for CRM and sales pipeline management. Today, their lives are a lot easier! They are saving a lot of time and connecting with their leads on a much deeper level,” says Salil.

Salil also credits the DataBox Growth Platform with assisting Sephora to put the client at the center of everything that it does: “There’s the transparency of records now, and our groups are operating in much closer alignment. Everyone has all of the records they want at their fingertips; they ought not to move and ask for it anymore. The result is a frictionless client experience and ultimately more closed deals”.

On the Fast-Track to Results


The group at Sephora started their DataBox journey to grow their organic online presence, streamlining communications with leads and customers, and increasing sales. Now, they’re on the fast track to results.

Since signing up in 2018, Sephora has improved its organic website visitors by 48% and its overall visitor numbers by 42%. Sephora has additionally hired 400 new employees to bring its staff number to over 1,000.

Ville would recommend DataBox to any corporation, big or small, that wants a platform that can grow as it does: “The DataBox Platform is intuitive to apply and there’s a lot of power under the hood. We’ve been inspired through the way it adapts to our changing needs, and we know that there’s still a lot more we can do with it as we grow.”

Sephora’s mission is to bring more happiness to its customers’ lives in their own homes. Its long-term goal is to reach as many Finns as possible, and Salil has plans to open several more offices across the country.

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