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Onboarding Services

We at Databox Solutions seek to build and sustain a tenable employee onboarding strategy that is more than a routine process.

Human Resources Departments need to put in place a fast transition from potential to hired employees. Companies can realize this goal through a detailed and orderly onboarding system. Along this line, Databox Solutions has the capacity to methodically manage employee onboarding of clients using the right software. This will ensure that newly-hired staff will be fully prepared for their first day at work.

Onboarding Services


Proprietary Onboarding Software

We use registered employee onboarding software to assist employers in enabling an easy transition for new employees. This software system includes a platform allowing talent acquisition personnel to monitor the progress of new hires as they go through the onboarding employment phase. It features I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification; Compliance Tools and insight; Benefits Administration; and, Payroll Integrations. This employee onboarding software also helps in providing an efficient shift in the new worker’s employment history.

Broad Range of Services

Databox Solutions offers a wide range of onboarding solutions. These are the following:

  •  Processing of documents and paperwork
  • Production and dissemination of orientation materials
  • Background checking
  • Correspondence with new employees
  • Tax document dispensation
  • Health plan information
  • Retirement benefits

Benefits of the Onboarding System

The onboarding solutions that we provide can help organizations achieve these targets:

  • It paves the way for a wholesome employee experience. Our approach is to focus on employee development, company values and principles, and regular check-ins. These methods point out that management cares about the experience and welfare of newly-employed individuals. In return, these employees work harder to prove their worth and aspire for promotion along with incentives.
  • Involved employees tend to excel and deliver more than what is expected from them. This attitude leads to more efficiency and profitability. At the same time, it translates to reduced tardiness, absenteeism, and employee turnover. An appropriate onboarding system makes workers feel closer to the organization as well as its mission, vision, and principles.
  • It results in employee retention rather than employee turnover which is quite expensive. According to research from a private company, effective onboarding management improves the retention of new hires by more than 80 percent.
  • Productivity increases partly because of the contributions of new employees. An operational onboarding system helps these new hires become more comfortable with the company and other personnel. It creates a stronger bond between the rank and file and management.

Onboarding System That Works

We at Databox Solutions seek to build and sustain a tenable employee onboarding strategy that is more than a routine process. We know the significant impact that a functional onboarding system can generate. Output affects an organization’s top line. Enhanced retention creates a positive effect on its bottom line. Our primary advice is for companies to consider their onboarding a continuing process. Management particularly the HR department must think of fresh ideas and turn them into workable methods. Gather feedback and comments for further improvement.

Industries That We Assist

Databox Solutions. can provide Onboarding Services to companies under the following industries:

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