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In fact, we realized that hundreds of thousands of businesses could greatly increase sales and productivity by using a system like Databox.  Today, Databox offers comprehensive CRM solutions that support many industries (Professional Services, Non-Profits. Staffing Firms, Service Organizations, Telemarketing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications).



By Industry

Financial Services

As a highly capable provider of proven Customer Relationship Management systems, Databox Solutions supports the requirements of financial service institutions. Our primary goal is to guide you in establishing and sustaining fruitful relationships with your clients. The CRM platform that we provide is meant to help users become more competitive and efficient. Hence, you can look forward to increased revenues and enhanced growth.

Consulting and Coaching

DataBox Solutions offers a user-friendly CRM app that can make your business flourish even more. Our relationship management system is perfect for consulting and coaching firms. It is the best tool for overseeing interactions with your current and potential clients. You can also use the software to identify leads, fast-track responses to customers and improve communications.


Non-profit organizations also need reliable CRM apps. We have an effective platform that you can utilize to gain more donors, engage partners, retain staff and volunteers, and reach out to different stakeholders. Nonprofits can now monitor fund disbursements and boost their visibility across multiple locations.

Software Development

Automation is the key for modern businesses. For software developers, CRM serves as a database of customers, suppliers, and competitors. It provides the capability to upgrade performance and formulate strategies in business development.

Law Firms

The CRM system that we recommend to legal entities have the capacity to centralize client data, profile prospects, and integrate contacts. CRM software is useful for law firms because it can reorganize backend effectiveness, organize essential tasks, manage files in one place, track client interactions, and automate marketing campaigns.

Professional Services


We deliver CRM solutions that allow companies offering professional services to leverage their relationships with clients. DataBox Solutions is aware that these organizations sell their talents and not specific products or direct services. Thus, what we offer to them is an application for building a broad client base. This CRM is helpful in storing data of prospects, referrals, and cross-selling.

Call Centers

Our unique CRM platform for call centers delivers outstanding customer service by connecting call center agents through a single platform. They can quickly access the history and information of clients in real-time. DataBox Solutions provide customer facing apps ideal for connecting and communicating with your clientele.

By Role

Production Managers

Production Managers can work better with CRM automation. We can equip them with a CRM tool that provides a distinct overview of customers’ demands and preferences. Our recommended software has integral reporting features and analytics. It helps in analyzing orders history and forecast future inventory requirements.

Customer Service

Employees performing customer service tasks can be more productive with our CRM app. It allows them to preserve contact details of customers and prospects, pinpoint sales opportunities, document service concerns, and manage marketing initiatives. All these can be stored in one centralized place.

Sales and Marketing

We always stress the need for sales and marketing professionals to use CRM systems. Connecting with clients through traditional and manual processes is no longer effective. Effective CRMs for sales and marketing are mostly cloud-based with cutting-edge features like automation and campaign management.

Project Manager

The CRM system that we propose to clients have been designed to assist project managers in establishing a strategic arrangement between project management teams, sales staff, and clients. It enables the project manager to monitor the progress of a certain task.

Information Technology

Like other departments, Information Technology also needs CRM to make communications with other work units faster. DataBox Solutions offers CRM software that is both affordable ad dependable.

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