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Web Integration

We can help clients in integrating their websites, systems, software, or other platforms.

Website Integration

Web integration covers technical tasks that businesses need such as development, technical architecture, software requirements, system analysis, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) coding, testing, and many others. It requires a complex process of linking outputs of multiple activities and components needed to build a web project as one. Website integration experts can guarantee their clients that projects conform to specifications. They must demonstrate expertise in project management.

Experts in Web Integration

Databox Solutions can work with companies requiring assistance in website integration. The solutions we offer are customized according to the client’s business needs as well as their front-end and back-end applications. In other words, we have the capability in building custom software specific to your case. It could be a basic plugin or software add-on to data shuffling techniques from one database or a structured set of data to other databases. We can help clients in integrating their websites, systems, software, or other platforms. One example of this is integration between the website and backend systems including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions.

API Integration Services

Databox Solutions also offers API Integration Services. The API or Application Programming Interface enables applications in communicating with each other. With APIs, the software can share data or allow the client to access the system functionality of third parties using a custom app. API integration services entail connecting two apps through the API and obtaining, organizing, and conveying the data.

API Integration produces the following benefits:

  1.   Connecting with a third-party service permits the user in accessing data and functionality of various third-party systems.
  2.   Acquiring custom integration solutions that provide the features a business requires for maximizing the usefulness of integration.
  3.   Reducing workload and automating operations making processes more efficient.
  4.   Enhancing data integrity so clients need not worry regarding inconsistencies between various systems.
  5.   Getting added value from data by breaking down silos and improving access to data across different work units.

Our API Integration Services

Databox Solutions offers services that can assist our clients in connecting software which consists of Customer Relationship Management, Electronic Commerce platforms, marketing automation tools, payment gateways, lead management systems, and online advertising programs.

Regardless of your department or tasks (Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, Database Solutions, Stock, or Inventory Management, you operate multiple unrelated systems to facilitate your respective assignments. In most cases, the best solution would be to let said systems communicate and minimize the need for manual procedures. These can only lead to glitches or duplication with adverse outcomes. We will guide you in addressing such issues and drive your company forward.

In approaching your requirements, here are the things we suggest the following:

  1.   Discuss with your IT staff relevant requirements, issues, and failures.
  2.   Allow us to prepare a systematic plan and feasibility study.
  3.   We will submit a doable schedule and program.
  4.   Start the project and monitor outcomes until completion.

Our Partner-Industries 

Databox Solutions can provide Web Integration Solutions to companies under the following industries:

Web Integration Solutions

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