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Create a portal for your employees, vendors, and customers to access features designed especially for each, complete with security levels.


Administration Portal

At DataBox Solutions, we design portals (online platforms) that can provide your staff, customers, and suppliers with one access point to relevant data. This administration portal can serve as a source of customized information like client profile, employee manuals and training programs. Said platform can also help improve collaboration of information and interaction between your business and various stakeholders.

Businesses Need Administration Portals

The web-based business portal provides users more control over their daily tasks, processes and projects. Regardless of time zone and location, you can promptly access the portal through desktop or mobile device. Businesses need this platform for the following reasons:

  • You have multiple offices in different locations.
  • The company has home and field-based employees.
  • You need to manage suppliers and retailers
  • A scalable Information Technology licensing option is needed.
  • Your current business systems do not have the module necessary for everyday processes.

Essential Connection

The truth is online portals help in maximizing efficiency and collaboration within the organization. It also provides access to information and resources on all devices 24/7. A portal breaks down silos of information or data thus helping gain relevant insights.

Administration portals empower both employees and companies. It builds up brand loyalty because of easy access to content, know-how, and business procedures. This leads to fast-track decision-making, finish tasks and promote transparency.

Access to Customers and Suppliers

We recommend that you choose portals that can provide and manage access to the various features of your CRM platform. Remember that it is a hub where your clients and partners can engage with each other. Here they can provide information that will develop relationships.

What does an administration portal allow external users to do?

  • Submit and modify appropriate information.
  • Take part in meetings, discussions and forums.
  • Communicate with other authorized users.
  • Join incentives and rewards programs as well as other perks.
  • Access sites like company blogs.
  • View updates.
  • Read content.
  • Understand processes.
  • Register for activities and events.
  • Gain access to other customer service tools.
  • Update their account profiles.

The CRM portal practically allows users to involve themselves in the organization’s business tasks. All these interactions are logged in the CRM system.

Specific Portal Functions

  • The manufacturing facility can use it for interaction between account management and customers.
  • The local government can enable applicants to submit their permit requirements and forms. They can monitor the progress while moving through the approval steps.
  • The distributor or supplier can let resellers look at price lists and contracts, submit orders, and change contact details.

Creating Portals

DataBox Solutions will work with you in customizing your preferred portal. We are capable of building a seamless system for our partners and teams within your company. However, see to it that your organization has access to the right individuals and tools in implementing this solution.

That is why we are here to guide you through the process. Our people will provide to your staff the expert inputs, advice, and navigation. Portals serve as the best medium in enhancing the operation of your CRM. Hence, you can encourage people to access essential data and make their contributions.

Contact US for the formulation of a plan and execution of the perfect portal solution for your business.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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