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Time Keeping

Databox time keeping allows your employees to log daily, weekly, or monthly work hours. Maintaining timesheets is easier thanks to the link between the time tracker and attendance modules. The scheduler module reminds employees to send in their time logs and documents them automatically at set intervals.

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Time Keeping Platform

DataBox Solutions makes it trouble-free for companies to track employees time as well as expenditures.

DataBox Solutions utilizes a timekeeping app that enables employees to log in their daily, weekly, and monthly working hours. It makes management of time records easier because of the link between the attendance sheets and time tracking software. Finance departments can also use this app to monitor disbursements for operations and purchases.

System Benefits

Businesses regardless of industry and size will surely benefit from this timekeeping software. It will ensure that you get tasks done promptly without missing even the smallest details. Here are some of the benefits that we would like to point out:

Managing Payroll – Some software does not only track time but create timesheets as well for payroll preparation. It resolves issues like employees not getting the correct amount of their wages due to computation errors.

Improve Workflow – With this platform, owners and managers can better monitor activities within the organization. It provides them with an overall view of the whole business. They see how employees perform during working hours. Also, the app helps streamline tasks and reorganize campaigns.

Focused Employees – Employees who track their own time also determine their productivity. Hence, they may be pushed to work harder after seeing a dip in their performance. On the other hand, managers can extend project deadlines if necessary.

Reduce Expenditures – Tracking apps can help businesses to cut on expenses and increase revenues. Use of said technology allows in-depth understanding of workflows. They can immediately identify even the smallest problems requiring solutions.

Resolve Client-Billing Issues – The app helps in ensuring companies bill clients promptly and correctly. It is effective both for project and hourly billing.

Lesser Responsibilities for Payroll Staff – Use of the software reduces the payroll department’s workload. This leads to fewer lapses and oversight. You can put all computations in a timesheet program which makes it easier for payroll staff and employees.

Explain Advantages

We suggest that management explain the benefits in detail to the workforce. This clarifies everything and remove all doubts, uncertainties and fear of employees regarding the software. The time-tracker does not mean the company distrusts its workers. On the contrary, it is meant to streamline operations and increase productivity.

Choosing the Appropriate Platform

While there are different software brands, here are several essential factors that we recommend you consider:

  • First and foremost is the time-tracking feature. It has to guarantee that employees can efficiently manage their time while at work. Features should also include ways of clocking in and out particularly for personnel who work outside the office. In addition, employees assigned in places without or limited internet need offline support from the company. The app needs tools like GPS and TSheets.
  • It has the capacity to manage timesheets. Ideally, the app can divide the timesheets according to tasks and projects. This way, the billing process becomes easier. The best software allows managers to instantly approve or disapprove timesheets.
  • Integration is important in time-tracking apps. Users must be able to sync it with the data from other programs that the company is using. Look for a CRM software that integrates ERP, accounting, payroll, and project management packages.
  • The software enables managers and owners to examine resources, monitor tasks, and include notes to different tasks. Likewise, it includes support for the documentation of expenses and create invoices.
  • The time-tracking platform must have a reporting feature. This allows users to produce and customize multiple reports.

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