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Importance of Efficient Customer Tracking for Business Owners

Importance of Efficient Customer Tracking for Business Owners

Simply put, customer tracking refers to the technique of storing and organizing the contact details of your customers. In most cases, the information includes names, phone numbers, emails and residential addresses. Yet, you can build a client database by using customer tracking software. Once organized, it is possible to increase sales, develop customer relationships, formulate targeted marketing campaigns, and assess the usefulness of current marketing initiatives.

Managing Customer Relations

This valuable CRM tool provides users with the capability to do the following monitoring tasks:

  • Service concerns, complaints and resolution of complaints
  • Potential customers
  • Referral information
  • Source of customers and prospects
  • Quotations and orders

In short, you can use the software in managing the different facets of customer relations and improve your service. Relatedly, you may conduct surveys to obtain feedback from your customers.

In like manner, the customer tracking software looks at activity or inactivity of customers. Thus, you will know what works and what does not. This is crucial in marketing to determine effective strategies either in increasing sales or launching new commodities or services. The app helps evaluate response rates and purchasing behavior.

Collection of Email Addresses

A CRM tool for tracking will also facilitate the gathering of clients’ email addresses. Aside from mobile phones, email is one of the best ways to reach them. Actually, you need to open several lines of communications with your customers. Through emails, it is easy to send people newsletters, promo offers and other information.

In fact, small enterprises have been sending marketing emails at rates of between 15 and 28 percent, depending on the industry. This means around one-fourth of email messages are opened by their recipients which is a good sign for small business owners. Overall, the statistics prove that email marketing remains an effective option.

Messages in Single Location

Using customer tracking software helps put customer emails in one central folder. This is a more systematic option rather than having some emails on your mobile phone, laptop and PC. Besides, you may connect these emails to the information of customers. The sales and marketing staff can then gain access to these emails and document information between the company and your clients.

At the same time, said system safeguards all collected information so none of these goes missing or misplaced by the sales team. Security is vital to customers. You do not have to worry about misplaced or pilfered data because all the clients’ details are safe in one place.

Need to Have this System in Place

Successful and thriving relationships depend not only on good products or competitive prices. Business owners and managers must know that relationships fail due to displeasure with a business, brand, product, or service.

This CRM tool can point out areas where a boost in marketing efforts is needed. Likewise, the software identifies the customer relations that will benefit from enhancing service initiatives, promoting brand awareness and informing consumers regarding the advantages of buying your merchandise or service.

In communicating with this part of your database, the tracking platform aids in planning your communications. It must be capable of the following:

  • Pinpoint the areas of interest or need.
  • Segment monthly from weekly or daily leads.
  • Disclose the timeframe when products or services are needed.
  • Distinguish leads that come from referrals.
  • Provide you with access to the system 24/7.
  • Allow you to select how to view options for marketing and where customers are within the sales cycle.

DataBox Solutions can guide you in choosing the ideal software for your business.

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