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Features to Look for in Inventory Management Software

An automated Inventory software helps make businesses more efficient. This is a benefit for companies because managing stocks calls for accuracy and prudence. Mistakes in calculating, tracking, collecting data, and forecasting can cause the following problems:

  1. Uneconomical purchases
  2. Inadequate supply
  3. Depreciation
  4. Delays in delivery of orders

All these can frustrate or anger customers and lead to loss of revenues. Fortunately, it is possible to organize warehouse operations with the use of free inventory management software. This system minimizes or totally eliminates human miscalculations. Here are some pointers in choosing the right software for your business whether it is free or for sale.

Customized Software

This is important if you have convoluted specifications. In this case, consult the seller if the software meets your exact requirements and the time needed to modify the system and include extra features. See to it that the new platform can be easily integrated with existing applications. Integration of your inventory management app with other tools may be needed when the business grows bigger. The ideal software automates several aspects of your business and ensures accurate recording of transactions.


Some business owners often miss the serviceability or usability factor. The software must be user-friendly. It is not advisable to choose one which will take employees many hours to learn and understand its fine points. Bear in mind that you want a quick solution that streamlines inventory management. Thus, use the software that is comprehensible and not too complex.

Sophisticated software may turn out as ineffective even if it has numerous features if it is not user-friendly. State-of-the-art technology may be an upside especially for large corporations. However, make sure that the interfaceis simple to save on time and money for training.

Central Repository

Said feature connects all physical and online outlets. In short, you can virtually monitor sales from any location. There is no need to transfer from one page to another. Just view the central hub to obtain updated and complete sales reports from all warehouses or units.

Actual Data

In inventory management, the real-time update component is vital. This will allow you to effortlessly oversee several stockrooms. This is where updates are critical to stock-taking operations. Hence, opt for free inventory management software with this updating feature.

Analytics for Data Collection

Most inventory management apps provide pre-defined reports in delivering the required metrics. Reporting is made more comprehensive with the use of analytics. The reason is you can thoroughly examine insights that are unique to your enterprise.

DataBox Solutions

DataBox Solutions is a trusted with proven track record in the industry. We can always assist you in choosing the suitable free inventory management software. You can check our website to gain more information about the company and services that we offer. Or you may call us at 866-755-9955 during business hours or send an email for a possible meeting with our CRM specialists.

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