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Analyzing the Positives and Negatives of Enterprise Resource Management

Analyzing the Positives and Negatives of Enterprise Resource Management

Business organizations use an enterprise resource management platform to manage complicated operations and gain an edge over their competitors. This software integrates useful aspects of a company’s resources and business processes. It adapts to the organization’s uniqueness assuming businesses are alike. Furthermore, the program identifies different work units interconnected by information shared among them and produced from their multiple processes.

Study the Pros & Cons

The types and features of ERP software vary as businesses move from on premise to cloud computing. In addition, companies collect, analyze, store, and use data for business purposes. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize the upsides and downsides of an enterprise resource management system.


Simplify Workflow Procedures

Said system provides multiple segments to run several business processes in a single hub. Among the common apps are the following:

  • Budget planning and forecasting which includes analytical budgeting, budget approval, and workforce preparation.
  • Accounting modules like accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and general ledger.
  • HR features monitoring of time/attendance, application to process employee onboarding, and benefits management.
  • Management of inventory including costing as well as tracking of stocks and locations.
  • Management of supply chain particularly requisition and approval, purchase order, sales forecasting, vendor/supplier supervision, and warehouse administration.
  • CRM focusing on contact management, lead tracking, call center integration, and chat history.

Fast-track internal procedures across departments

Using this platform will accelerate processes. For example, the Human Resources Department oversees new employees while Accounting transmits spending reports simultaneously. With a shared software interface, you can manage the organization’s database singularly that leads to efficiency.

Reduced IT costs

A unified enterprise resource management application is less pricey than unrelated systems for financial management, supply chain administration, and HR. You also save on training, support, and software licenses.

End-to End clarity

This feature enables top decision-makers to view real-time glimpses of business operations.

  • Inventory and Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financials and Budgeting

The availability of data on one dashboard leads to collective initiatives and ensures greater insights to efficiency of workflows together with productivity of employees.

Generation of accurate reports

Enhanced visibility indicates that you can promptly generate correct reports showing activities across the organization. Both managers and staff see the same data thus minimizing communication mistakes caused by duplication of emails and spreadsheets. The enterprise resource management system usually offers business intelligence apps that allow businesses to closely examine their data.

Securing data

A centralized storage of data is quite complicated but providers of ERP software and those that host such systems implement strict data security. This is a better option than hosting your on-premises system.


The major disadvantage of acquiring an enterprise resource management platform is cost aside from funds for upgrading your hardware. It also requires vendor training before you can start using the system. Fees may be included in the installation, but additional updates and training sessions call for extra expenditures. Users normally pay in monthly or yearly installments although annual plans are lower because of minimal discounts.

Another downside is the difficulty in learning the software’s ins and outs. To address this issue, your staff must be trained by the application’s provider.

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