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Webmail – Databox let’s you manage your business leads while simultaneously viewing the email interactions, notes, and task associated with them.


Webmail - Manage Your Leads

Among the services that DataBox Solutions offers is to assist clients in managing their business leads. With our Email Integration tool, all correspondences are kept in one hub. It automatically obtains emails to and from your contacts within the CRM platform. It can synchronize in real-time these exchanges so the entire team can view the most recent correspondences.

Webmail - Email Integration

Integrating email with other applications allows users to expand their capabilities. Integration can automate email campaigns, target specific audiences, and continuously engage subscribers. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools nowadays. However, your success mainly depends on the data and its quality in your email lists.

Research revealed that marketers with detailed information about their subscribers and use it to categorize their lists and implement targeted campaigns benefitted from a significant increase in email revenues. To achieve this, you need updated and comprehensive data through integration. Data becomes instantly available which helps you in:

  • Segmenting lists
  • Adding catchy content to messages
  • Generate programmed email campaigns to clients

Reasons for Using CRM Platform with Email Integration

DataBox Solutions tells clients that combining emails with a robust CRM app will give them a complete perspective of prospects and clients. Here are the principal benefits of opting for integration:

  1. The CRM platform with email integration gathers all appropriate information into one screen. You do not have to shift from the CRM app to the email account or vice versa. Thus, it helps lighten the load of the sales team. The CRM provides pertinent customer information required in nurturing leads and closing deals. Sales team members can easily answer clients’ emails.
  2. Through integration, salespersons acquire real-time insights about customer behavior and habits. They can adapt sales calls so these will match the interests and needs of prospects.
  3. The CRM platform with email integration helps in improving customer satisfaction. This is achieved by significantly reducing response time of sales personnel by showing customer data together with the email. These include contact details and history of point of interaction. You can reference information in a single app.
  4. In many instances, the CRM solution with email integration support other kinds of third-party integration. Companies can simplify their sales workflows through by merging the CRM software with marketing and automation tools.
  5. Integration enables the sales team to update documents in real-time making information current for the next sales campaign.
  6. It serves users with appropriate and targeted content for developing personalized messages based on the Customer Relationship Management data.
  7. By configuring your emails into the CRM platform, all messages are moved to the CRM. Therefore, you can synchronize all emails, contacts and scheduled appointments.

Sending Email Campaigns

DataBox Solutions believes many factors drive successful and engaging email campaigns. These are content and timing. According to research, most people check their inboxes in the morning during regular workdays. Views decrease towards the evening. Hence, you should be sending out emails between 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon except during lunchbreak.

The integration of your CRM system with email marketing tools facilitates a sequence of automated lead generating emails. These are sent to prospects containing videos, guides and consumer case studies. They will find out how your service or merchandise can be beneficial. It goes down the buying cycle until that time your sales team can close the deal.

At DataBox Solutions, we encourage the use of email marketing tools and the integration of the CRM software with users’ email. This is an effective way of converting leads into customers. The bottom line is generating sales and increasing revenues.

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