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Sales and Marketing

DataBox is founded on automation so you can control your sales efforts, operate professionally with little intervention, and measure your business’ progress.

Contact Management

Sales and Marketing

DataBox Solutions considers automation as one of the keys for sales and marketing professional in achieving the following goals:

  • Controlling marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Operating effectively with minimal intervention.
  • Measuring business progress.

CRM Strategy

We always emphasize the importance of adopting a CRM platform. Companies must view this system as one of the essential marketing tools. Through CRM, you can reinforce client relationships, create new opportunities for the sales and marketing team, and foster collaboration among them.

Likewise, we believe that customer relationships are crucial to the success of business organizations.

Here’s why! According to research, companies that do not use a CRM application fail to convert over 70 percent of marketing leads to sales. The generation of leads is not enough. What should be your next move? Integrate the marketing tools available to you to a CR system. This provides marketers and salespersons an overall view of prospects and leads. It allows them to create engaging messages to convert them into loyal customers.

Increase Sales

The bottomline in acquiring a CRM app is to boost sales. This tool will always be associated with developing and retaining customers. The software certifies that each stage of customers’ connection will successfully maximize revenues. Data is gathered from multiple sources in the app. Then, the CRM stockpiles personal information, spending history, and habits.

The CRM technology contributes to marketing strategies’ effectiveness thus boosting sales.

Knowing the target consumers – It is vital to understand the public to thrive in marketing. We offer CRM apps that present an assessment of opportunities and exchanges. It also simplifies the long process of outlining and classifying data. There is no need to manually import and export data which seamlessly flows to the software.

Cleanup of Data – Using the CRM lets you in cleaning up data through automated workflows thereby lessening the likelihood of human error. The app has the capability to handle clients’ marketing expectations.

Improving Marketing Campaigns – CRM perceptions can make marketing campaigns more effective. The results of a previous campaign can be utilized to upgrade future efforts. New initiatives provide a sound basis in creating enhanced content for the target audience. We advise you to remain attentive to your clients’ details and preferences. This helps marketers in developing content that interests or draws them.

Strong Relationships

DataBox Solutions also knows the need for sales and marketing people to build deeper relationships with their clients. This is a MUST in ensuring the growth of your enterprise.

The CRM platform will guide you in determining the customers’ demands, choices, objectives, and challenges. You must engage clients with relevance. Understanding their issues and needs enables you to suggest the correct commodity or service. Using CRM allows you to provide them with the most appropriate information. Besides, the software can schedule task reminders, host email templates and enable calls connecting you to customers quickly.

Our Recommendations

At DataBox Solutions, we cite the most significant benefit of Customer Relationship Management in marketing and sales. The platform brings these two collectively facilitating collaboration and sharing of data rather than compete with each other.

We encourage not only large corporations but startups as well as B2Bs and small firms to use CRMs in their operations. However, these should be customized according to their needs. Adopting a CRM will help streamline procedures and establish robust relations with customers.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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