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DataBox Solutions recommends a specialized CRM system specifically for companies that require Correspondence Management functionality. Large and medium-sized companies use Correspondence Management or Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems for business communications.


Correspondence Management

Maintain efficiency and customer networks.

Generate templates for letters, faxes, and emails, include your signature, click on a contact, and send. Check your contact history anywhere in the system!.

Our Take on Effective CRM Systems ​

The Correspondence Management System oversees the following tasks – creating, capturing, monitoring, and ensuring personalized and secure correspondence. This user-friendly tool will help you implement complicated policies and workflows as well as simplify the process of managing internal/external communications.

It works this way. You can import correspondence electronically (file), systems integration, or scanning paper documents directly into the app. In fact, any kind of communication is easily captured. The tool is vital because handling information manually requires numerous resources which is quite strenuous and expensive.

We would like to enumerate the different benefits of utilizing a correspondence management software.R

Seamless Tracking

Through correspondence management, authorized staff can track incoming and outgoing communications of the company. These can be made accessible to users based on their positions and responsibilities. The CM system consolidates and manages the creation of correspondence from pre-approved and custom-generated content in a rationalized process from conception to archiving. The outcome is satisfactory because clients receive the correct communication at the proper time. The keywords are accurate, timely, appropriate, and secure. Business owners capitalize on the value of interactions with customers. At the same time, costs and risks are minimized.

Less Physical Storage Needed

With a Correspondence Management platform from DataBox Solutions in place, you can reduce the number of cabinets and storage containers in the workplace. This is one advantage of employing an app-based document management tool. It frees up office space that can be used for other more important purposes.

Secured Documents

Correspondence management also guarantees protection of sensitive data. The software we offer will give users control at the folder level for authorized persons or groups. Managed files can be traced and tagged for automated notifications. Moreover, it enables tracking of individuals who accessed documents or modified the same. A CM system lessens the probability of non-conformity to federal and state regulations with regards to privacy and security policies. For instance, schedules of records are automated making classification and storage simple.

Fast and Easy Retrieval

The process of locating and retrieving files consumes a lot of time. The costs of manual filing processes increase especially if documents are lost or misfiled. With a sophisticated platform like this, you save time, money and effort. Users can access documents remotely provided there is stable internet connection.

System Features

The features of this system are the following:

  1. Capture – Many enterprises still use the paper type of correspondence. Therefore, the CM software must be built to handle incoming paper documents and their digital counterpart.
  2. Storage – The system must have the capability to keep incoming and outgoing communications securely and in compliance with existing rules. The correspondence may require management according to industry standards for auditing.
  3. Processing – There is a need for proper routing of communications to the right individual or teams in the company for correct processing.
  4. Communications – Said platform should produce outgoing correspondence (paper or digital format). The output must be customized based on the receiver’s needs and preferences.
  5. Integration – The correspondence needs to be seen within the perspective of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Hence, the tool requires benchmarks based on integration capacity.
  6. Performance – Most companies are not empowered to efficiently deal with business correspondence. The Correspondence Management solution must provide the information organizations need to maximize their performance along with customer service.

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